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Wolf’s Brew Coffee & Boutique Shop


With a streamlined coffee menu, vegan donuts, black/white/wood/gold aesthetics, and Bowie playing in the air, it is clear that every moment in this shop was thoughtfully chosen. On most days, you’ll find brothers, Bryer (owner) and Jay (manager and roaster), behind the counter making a Lavender Latte or Turmeric Chai. A welcoming patio is set outside with gleaming picnic tables and umbrellas. A beautiful seating area in the back room showcases art, a curated jungle of plants and merchandise from local artists and vendors. Bryer’s heart is in this shop and in supporting his local community.


Ask for your drink “for here” and stay awhile. Your drink will be served in a beautiful mug made by a local ceramist. You may have just found your next neighborhood coffee shop.

Upcoming Events: Every 3rd Sunday, Wolf’s Brew plays host to “Brew’s Cruise”, a Conversation, Cars, and Coffee event.


4145 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808


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