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The Aurora Theater & My Acting Studio




4412 E Village Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808


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My Acting Studio


It’s no secret than many residents in the L.A. hold an ambition for acting and making it to the big screen. But an even greater part of the population feel a call to the performing arts of some kind. Whether you have serious ambition to cut your chops in the entertainment field, think theater might be a fun hobby, or are somewhere in between, you can safely call “My Acting Studio” yours.


“Acting is like a Trojan Horse,” says My Acting Studio owner Charles Tentindo, “Many people come to acting because they say they want to be on film or TV, or make a lot of money or to be famous. But the Trojan Horse is filled with self-discovery. Acting helps you discover who you are as a human being, what’s been getting in your way, and creates a safe way to authentically express your soul... it’s a much deeper experience than people think it is.”


Tentindo has had a storied “Hollywood” career including being a regular on a soap opera, working with entertainers from behind the camera as a freelancer for the Los Angeles Times, as well as numerous other bits with film, TV, and professional entertainment.


However, Tentindo found his truest calling when stepping back from Hollywood, and opening up “the acting studio [he] wished he had when he was growing up,” appropriately named “My Acting Studio.” Tentindo’s greatest trait is creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds, ages, and ambitions to be themselves and explore their own creativity.


If you’re interested in the performing arts at any level from beginner to advanced, My Acting Studio is for you! From acting classes for film and television, to improv and stand-up comedy, to Shakespeare theater and more, you will find a class, a level, and a dedicated teacher to help you. For the more ambitious, My Acting Studio offers full promotional services including head shots, highlight reels, and will even host your first shows or let you try out material in the Aurora Theater!

The Aurora Theater

The Aurora Theater is an old-school, intimate gem of a theater, that has been revamped with state of the art sound and lighting, while keeping it’s old-school feel. The theater seats 50 and in addition to being the official stage for My Acting Studio students during their training, rehearsals, and performances, The Aurora Theater is also a unique venue rented out for a variety of functions.


Operas within the intimate theater are like none you have ever seen—or felt—as the vibration from the singers’ vibrato rattles through the audiences bones. An electric baby grand piano connects to the sound system and “never goes out of tune,” according to owner, Charles Tentindo.


The Aurora Theater also has a state of the art projector and is the perfect place for an intimate screening of your favorite movie. People have rented out the room for birthdays just to watch their favorite flick with all their closest friends!


The theater is available for rental for anything you can imagine from shows and screenings to concerts and even weddings! If you’re looking for a memorable way to showcase your creativity, look no further than the Aurora Theater. Rentals are available with or without sound and lighting help, and you can even charge patrons at the door for a professional show!

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