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4th Quarter Fitness Studio




4162 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808


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Many adults cite their “playing days” (during middle school, high school, or college sports) as when they were in the best shape of their life. Owner John Arreaga, a former athlete himself, agreed with this notion, but didn’t accept that it had anything to do with “age.”


“After sports, people never have a training experience like that again. With sports, people are training as part of a team, led by a coach, and are usually mixing in fun with strength and endurance training. There is a certain accountability and dependability there—knowing you are going through these reps and drills together as a team, with a coach motivating you and holding you accountable along the way,” explains Arreaga.


With all that in mind he created 4th Quarter Fitness and Performance—a small community gym that helps its members burn fat and stay healthy using the values of team reliance, accountability training, and goal-striving.


Members of 4th Quarter Fitness and Performance belong either to the gym’s Boot Camp program or Personal Fitness program.


The Boot Camp is a calorie-burning, high-intensity training class and is offered six time a day—Monday/Wednesday/Friday—three classes each morning and three classes each evening. Members can come to whichever class fits in their schedule. There is also an additional Boot Camp on Saturday mornings. Boot Camp classes generally hold 10-15 people per class.


The Personal Fitness program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays (eight offerings each day) with an additional two classes held on Saturdays. The Personal Fitness classes hold 2-8 people per class and focus more on strength training, muscle building, and members’ other personal fitness goals. Anyone in the Personal Fitness program automatically has access to the more aerobic/cardio-oriented Boot Camp classes- so technically, trainings are available six days per week for those members!


Arreaga says while former athletes like him definitely appreciate the process, at least half of the gym’s members are not former athletes, rather adults who have given the gym a trial and realized what a difference the team-aspect makes in their fitness journey!


“Our hashtag we use a lot is #morethanagym. Our members often become like family. They become friends outside of the gym and help each other out when needed. The other trainers and I extend that idea of being a ‘coach’ to being there for our members no matter what they need. We are there for our members just like a coach would be there for his or her team.”

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